At Rick Davis Real Estate Sales, we focus on working with real estate investors or anyone who purchase, rehabs, improves, or sells real estate to build income or wealth. Because of this, we understand the needs of real estate investors, including how to find distressed properties, submit offers on REO properties, and make winning bids over other investors.

In-House Lawyer

One of the other great reasons to use Rick Davis Real Estate Sales is our
in-house lawyer and founder, Rick Davis. As a real estate lawyer, Rick can help purchase properties that might not otherwise be available, like properties with title issues, properties with old liens, or transactions that require creative or unique terms. Moreover, if a dispute arises — such as a seller trying to back out of the sale — you have an attorney ready to go without the time delay and added expenses of another attorney having to “get up to speed”.

Off Market Properties

Working with real estate investors, Rick often learns about properties for sale that are not on the MLS or otherwise publically marketed, such as properties from wholesalers, deals gone wrong, or clients looking to quickly unload an inherited property or property with issues. Working with Rick Davis Real Estate Sales provides you with access to these properties. The frequency of these deals vary, but even one can result in a significant profit for an investor.

Knowledge of Market and Investing Trends

Rick is a regular attendee of area real estate groups and has a pulse on what is happening in our market from both a real estate and investing standpoint. Moreover, as a lawyer, he has access to news and court decisions within the legal community. This knowledges helps investors find more ways to be profitable and maximize their return on investments.

If you are newer to investing, we can also help put you in touch with vendors and others in the industry, including contractors, cleaning companies, trash removal specialists, inspectors, insurance agents, and much more. We also can connect you with investors that work with beginning investors, either as providers of “turn-key” properties or a mentorship program that provides partners and funding for new investors.