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MAREI PartnerCast: Rick Davis

I had the chance to speak with Kim Tucker from the Mid-American Association of Real Estate Investors (MAREI) about some basic legal concepts, such as forming LLCs and using contract forms you find on the internet. We also took a quick detour to discuss the Texas federal court decision that just came out finding that […]

So I found this federal case

I get this question quite a bit. One of my investor clients reaches out and says they found a case from a federal court that says they can (or cannot) do something and they assume it applies to them. Although this may be true, many times its not. Our federal court system is made up […]

Cash-for-Keys Eviction

photo of money, shaped as a home, that could be used for a cash-for-keys eviction

For many years I have spoken with landlords about how “cash-for-keys” should be a tool in their belt for evicting problem or non-paying tenants; however, in light of the current COVID-19 eviction moratorium, the advantages of cash-for-keys are stronger than ever.  The term “Cash-for-Keys” is something that is most often used in the mortgage industry […]

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