Guarded Pockets™

There are many podcasts, websites, and communities that teach you how to get larger pockets or to grow wealth and income, but there are far fewer resources available to teach you how to guard your pockets or protect the wealth and income you have generated. This is where Guarded Pockets™ comes in. Guarded Pockets™ is a subscription-based program that provides real estate investors with access to legal, real estate agent, title and closing services designed exclusively for real estate investors. More importantly, members of Guarded Pockets™ get a benefit generally only reserved for the largest real estate investors — an attorney on retainer that can answer the numerous legal questions that come up while investing in real estate. For example, a fix and flip investor learns about the possibility of a golf course that neighbors a home they are flipping being developed into a mixed-use development and wants to know if that needs to be disclosed to potential buyers or a landlord needs to know if they are acting legally in a dispute with a tenant.

In addition to answers to legal questions, the Guarded Pockets™ program also includes useful services to help ensure your business stays compliant and on track, including registered agent services, state compliance monitoring, and an online database for storing and compiling meeting minutes for your entities and organizations.

Guarded Pockets™ members also receive daily REO and distressed property listings from the MLS, access to an online database of wholesale properties available for investors (coming in January), and discounts on additional services.  An investor doing just five deals a year that takes advantage of all of the available services, can pay for our highest membership level just in savings alone — and still gets unlimited access to an attorney to ask legal questions.

Guarded Pockets™ was designed because of my joy of working hand-in-hand with real estate investors and to provide access to legal services to all real estate investors as I have seen many times where expensive legal disputes could have been avoided if the investor had legal advice earlier in the process. Therefore, we have developed packages to assist all levels of real estate investors. More information about each of the packages and what’s included is below.

Additional terms and conditions apply.  For more information about what is and what isn’t included in the membership, please go to Terms of Use.  All memberships are subject to approval.