What is Guarded Pockets™?

Real Estate investors are faced with countless legal issues on a daily basis.  It might be a contract for that next deal or a buyer that threatens a lawsuit.  Landlords may need to evict a tenant or lenders may need to foreclosure for non-payment.  These are just a few of the plethora of legal issues regularly faced by real estate investors.  Guarded Pockets™ is a membership program that provides members with affordable access to a real estate attorney to ask questions early on so as to avoid bigger disputes down the road.

What's included in Guarded Pockets™?

Investors that join Guarded Pockets™ get unlimited scheduled phone calls with a licensed real estate attorney who can answer questions related to title issues, legal questions, entity formation, business legal issues, etc.  Additionally, members of Guarded Pockets™ get free registered agent and compliance monitoring for their entities and discounted services and products from Rick Davis Real Estate.