What is Guarded Communities™?

Running a homeowners or condo owners association is difficult.  Most associations are run by individuals who live in the community and volunteer their time and there is no standard training or education for association board members.  Moreover, when legal questions arise, there is usually no where to go but the internet or paying money the association doesn’t have to a lawyer.  Guarded Communities™ seeks to change this by providing affordable legal services to homeowner’s and condo associations throughout Kansas and Missouri.

What's included in Guarded Communities™?

Associations that join Guarded Communities™ get unlimited scheduled phone calls with a licensed real estate attorney who can answer questions related to association governance, disputes with residents, meeting procedures and more.  Additionally, members of Guarded Communities™ get discounted legal services, including drafting and filing lien notices, lien foreclosures, and amendments to bylaws and association goverance documents.