One size does not fit all

we help to find the right entity structure for you

We have developed a unique online form that asks about your personality traits, assets, investment strategies and more so that we can recommend the right entity structure for you.  Once you have completed the form, we schedule a time for a video conference to go over our recommendations so you can make the right decision for you and your business.

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your “on-call” attorney

There is no better piece of mind than knowing you have an attorney, who understands you and your business, to call when you face legal questions or issues.  Our Guarded Pockets™ members receive unlimited schedule phone calls with an attorney and other benefits such as discounts on most of our services, including contract drafting.

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purchasing property?

Are you needing contracts as part of a closing?  We have a full-service title company that can assist with your closing and contract drafting as part of a closing can be paid at the time out of the funds from closing.

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we want to be a part of your team

Through our Guarded Pockets™ program, we get to know you and your business so that its like having a lawyer, title company, and broker as part of your staff as we can customize our services to you and your investment strategies.