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Disruptive legal, real estate, and title services for Kansas and Missouri.

We don’t believe in doing things just because that’s the way its always been done.

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What Makes Us Different

Just a few of the things that make us different from other area law firms, real estate brokerages and title companies.

Like Uber disrupted the taxi cab industry, we seek to change the way real estate and legal services are provided to investors.  You can sign up for services directly on our website and we’ll communicate with you using a custom built client portal and automated messaging system that allows you to stay informed on your matters on your own time.  We are completely paperless and conduct closings entirely online using video conferencing.  We threw away the traditional idea that lawyers sell time and replace it with a commitment to provide legal solutions with a fair and transparent price tag upfront.  We partner with investors through our subscriptions programs that provide access to a lawyer for calls at a set monthly rate.

Our job is to get to know you and your business and to take away the anxiety and confusion that can be present in the law or real estate matters so as to give you confidence that your legal problem is being handled effectively with a personalized solution. The number one emotion we see from our clients is relief. Relief from anxiety, relief from confusion, and relief that we were able to facilitate deals and resolve disputes in a manner that improve their lives, more quickly, smoothly and effectively than if you tried to figure out the solution yourself or hired another lawyer.  Your case will get our full and dedicated attention—from start to finish and by everyone in our firm.  You are a person, not a number to our firm.


Our experiences, including legal training and personal investments, allows us to advise you rather than simply fill in forms. We can tell you what the law is but also walk you through the practical concerns of what you are doing. Giving good advice requires relationships with our clients that are mutually respectful, where we are open and transparent and understand each other’s roles. Whether dealing with a complicated business situation or creative deal, we are experienced and unbiased, which helps us recognize the core interests at stake and how to find a win-win solution.


Clients often tell us we don’t sound like how they expect a law firm or title company to sound. We aren’t stuffy or pretentious and there’s a lot of laughter in our office. That’s because we genuinely love serving our clients. It’s an enormous privilege to have you invite us into your lives and it makes us happy to help guide you through challenging situations. We’re your neighbors in Kansas City, and we understand what it means to be part of this community. No stuffy lawyers here; we want to talk about your goals candidly and openly, while building a genuine relationship.

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