The Rick Davis Real Estate Family of Companies


A full-service law firm for real estate investors that believes in fair, transparant flat rates and leveraging technology to provide better services.

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Guarded Pockets™

A membership program that provides real estate investors with access to a local real estate attorney “on-call” for unlimited scheduled phone calls.

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A full-service Old Republic title agency built by a real estate investor for real estate investors to handle those non-traditional transactions.

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DIY Legal Store™

Premade templates and forms for real estate transactions in Kansas and Missouri.

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A real estate brokerage focusing on real estate investors and investor related transactions.



Mediation for real estate-related disputes and disputes between real estate investors.

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we want to be a part of your team

Through our Guarded Pockets™ program, we get to know you and your business so that its like having a lawyer, title company, and broker as part of your staff as we can customize our services to you and your investment strategies.

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