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Facing Foreclosure? Here’s When You Ac...

Jul 30, 2019
Rick shared some comments with regarding the timeline for leaving a home following a foreclosure, and a ...
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photo of a home that an investor needs to extinguish redemption rights

How to Extinguish Redemption Rights?

Nov 17, 2018
A discussion of the process to extinguish redemption rights when a home is vacant subsequent to a foreclosure in th ...
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Johnson County, Kansas Redemption Rights

Changes to the Rules for Johnson County, Kan...

May 09, 2018
A discussion of the changes to the rules for purchasing Johnson County, Kansas redemption rights.
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notice required to remove a buyer under a contract for deed

How to Remove a Buyer Under a Contract for D...

Apr 20, 2018
A discussion of what it takes to remove a remove a buyer under a contract for deed or land contract in Kansas and M ...
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a photo of a run down house that may be the aftermath of a contract for deed horror story

Contract for Deed Horror Stories

Apr 22, 2016
a brief discussion of some of the contract for deed horror stories I have heard from clients and potential clients ...
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